Twenty-One Years

by - February 24, 2010

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. I'm not more in love with Mike today than I was way back when - I would have told you it's not possible. But our love is richer, fuller and sweeter. We've definitely gotten better with age. And now it seems we're legal - twenty-one. Ha!

I've often told Mike one lifetime won't be long enough to spend with him - especially since his health has threatened to separate us sooner rather than later more than once. I still can't imagine it being any better, but if the last twenty-one years foretells the next twenty-one, then bring 'em on! I'm ready and waiting, with (wedding) bells on!


a celebration
of the love we share.
We dare to live,
to love,
to care.
It’s time for the wedding,
the shedding,
of two lives
and separate things,
and gaining,
to become the one
God chose
us to be.
My mind and soul,
they ring,
they spin,
they leap for joy.
For now I know
beyond a doubt
what love is truly
all about.
We laugh,
we sing,
we work,
we play,
and always
find God
each time we pray.
I stand amazed,
in awe,
in wonder,
at the gift He gave.
There’s nothing
more sacred
more precious,
more holy,
or just
than the gift of life
through Love.
That gift I accept,
yet return
with a wish,
a yearn,
that this life,
our love,
is protected,
and blessed
for praising
and pleasing
the One
from above

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