Fifty Things

by - February 10, 2010

1. My first post was a little corny - you can take the name thing a little too far.

2. I once wrote a sonnet for senior English called Dawning that was actually pretty good - I got an A.

3. I used to write a lot of poetry.

4. The last poem I wrote was after my brother's death 15 years ago.

5. I wrote that one on a Krispy Kreme napkin while driving on the interstate, crying.

6. I'm usually a safe driver.

7. My son, Adrian, thinks a lot about learning to drive.

8. I try not to think about that. (When, exactly, did he become taller than me?)

9. When I was little, I had two aunts that used to fuss at me for growing.

10. I thought that was funny...but now I understand.

11. I have a terrible engagement story, but have a fabulous 21 year marriage.

12. How come people want to hear about your engagement rather than your successful marriage?

13. We got engaged after a fight - it was not planned, and it was ringless.

14. Told ya.

15. We hardly ever fight anymore.

16. My kids do though.

17. Adrian, Noelle and Reagan hardly ever stop talking.

18. The girls, as we call them, are separated by 19 months, but they act like twins.

19. I always wanted a sister; God, in his goodness, gave me daughters instead.

20. When Noelle had her first day of school, Reagan cried.

21. I didn't.

22. What kind of mom doesn't cry on her kid's first day of school?

23. I didn't even cry when my oldest went to school.

24. What's wrong with me?!

25. I remember being excited about spreading their wings and new chapters in their lives.

26. Instead of crying on the first day of school, I wrote them letters, sealed them in envelopes and tucked them into their baby books.

27. Sometimes I can't wait for my kids to grow up so I can be friends with them.

28. Parenting isn't always fun.

29. I want my kids to grow up to be people I want to be friends with, so for now I will parent.

30. A surgeon once told me that my husband might not live through the night, go get some dinner, and then you can meet him in ICU.

31. That night I had my first-ever all night prayer vigil.

32. It was really a temper tantrum, more fear than faith.

33. My amazing mother-in-law, who kept vigil with me, slept soundly beside me on the hospital floor.

34. Cancer is a good teacher.

35. While I was singing "The Ants Go Marching One By One" on the way to school the next morning with my 2nd grader and 3 year old, I was thinking, "It's cancer. Oh, God! It's CANCER!"

36. God spoke clearly into my heart that day and said, "Do you love me more than these?"

37. I was afraid of my answer.

38. I'm glad that it only joined our family rather than subtracting a member from it.

39. I used to be very proud that I was running 12-15 miles a week.

40. Now I'm ashamed that I don't, and I miss running.

41. Mike hates running, unless it's to catch a ball, tackle someone or make the shot.

42. I'm neither competitive nor athletic.

43. But I am too high-strung and serious, a perfectionist, and worry wart.

44. I know that life is too short, I just can't seem to help myself.

45. I'm glad that I am growing in the grace of God and that He forgives my faults.

46. I didn't sleep for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

47. Three family businesses and four homes were just gone.

48. Four days later my mother became my neighbor.

49. Good things often come with bad things.

50. Together, with God's new mercy for each day, they become my beautiful life.

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  1. I love how you think. I Love you and I am glad we're friends! You are my inspiration! Tammy

  2. You'll cry the day you drop them off at college... I promise. But you'll recover... I promise.

    Good to know a few fun facts about you and your adorable family!


  3. Thank you for sharing about yourself. It brings perspective to your blog posts, which I am enjoying very much.
    Pam from


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