Dirty Shoes and Streets of Gold

by - May 05, 2012

I was just a smidge embarrassed the other day when my son invited his boss over to record with him. He didn't tell me beforehand, so I came home from work to a house full of clutter and music. They were mostly done recording by the time I arrived, so I didn't hear this beautiful music until I found it on Adrian's Facebook page.

I wish I had heard it that day though. It would have made me feel so much better. After hearing this, I know, somehow, they weren't looking at Reagan's shoes in the middle of the room or the glass that was left out on the computer desk. They were pretty intent on what they were doing.

But, I'm also happy the mic stand faces the corner. Just in case.

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  1. The song was beautiful, nice voice. Funny I have a son who records and an all around tech guy, Jonny Tech. And I am amazed to have found you through the grape vine, you know you click on one site then you see something else on another site and bingo you find a jewel. I have heard of a Mike and Dawn once before, but not a Dawn and Pastor Mike and here you are. As you guessed it I am Dawn and my husband is Pastor Mike. Cool huh, We've been around awhile and making music and doing ministry together(nearly 39 yrs). I started my Website about 2007/8 and now my husband is starting his, michaelginese.com. I tell him all those hours I spent and he was annoyed with me for spending time on my website have forged the trail so I can help him, I have learned so much. We also have 3 children and I guess I might be a smidgen ahead of you since I have 2 grandchildren. I am going to follow you and hope you will do the same. I am not really using my blogger but my website url is on it. Hope you follow back. If you would like to email me, you can as well at TheSingingNurse@gmail.com my website is www.TheSingingNurse.com
    Looking forward to getting to know you. Funny is'nt it.
    One of His, Dawn


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