The Kitchen Towel At the Top of the Stairs

by - December 10, 2010

It's been there since Monday, and five people have traveled those stairs countless times since then. Not one of us has picked it up.

How it got there is anyone's guess. And everyone's denial (although we haven't discussed it). I'm pretty sure it wasn't Mike or me. That would leave three teenagers (or almost) in the running for the not-so-coveted title of Towel-Dropper. And let's face it, it could be any of them: it's the specialty of teenagers across America, the dropping of cloth things on the floor and hoping it won't smell as bad, but will decompose just as well as the compost pile, so they don't have to pick it up–ever.

My son's even made the extra effort to hide his dirty clothes in a neat pile on the far side of his desk, unseen from the doorway. It takes more effort than actually putting them in the hamper. I really don't get it, he's going out of his way to live in filth.

I constantly badger my kids about picking up after themselves to no avail. The broken record keeps screaming, "There are no servants here!"

And today, when I passed that kitchen towel for the umpteenth time, I realized it's still on the floor because there are no servants here. 

I think I might have just aired some dirty laundry, but that's okay. It's an uncomfortable glimpse into the pastor's glass house with the realization that we're more like you than you think.

So the goal is that our home will house a real servant or two sometime soon, the kind who do the important, not-so-glamorous work of seeing the forgotten, doing what's necessary, namely applying grace to messy situations. Nagging will only get me so far. I think I'll change my strategy to picking up dirty dish towels that have wandered from their calling in the kitchen in hopes that we, also, will wander back into our true calling of servanthood.

Until then, does anyone know where the Fabreze is?

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  1. Yes. Kitchen towels, and pencils.

    Lean over and say, "Lord, I'm picking up your towel. Glad I could help out." :-D

  2. Living it with you! Towels, toys, jackets and gloves & boots now .... :) Such opportunity to "take on the form of a servant." I love the quote that says "The best way to know if you have a servant's heart is how you react when you are treated like one." Ouch. Can I link this to my FB page?

  3. dear servant,

    i confess, that i am, too, a reluctant servant. the
    song, "if you want to be great in God's kingdom. . ."
    is my only prod somedays.

    after picking up after them for so many years, now
    i am shocked to see them do it. all this time i
    thought they were handicapped or something.

    thank you for your sweet prayer for the missing
    young man.


  4. Susan Mc, feel free to link away. I love your quote about being treated like a servant. I've never heard it.

    Lea, I love that you have gone before me and alwlays reassure me we will make it. It really does mean a lot.

    Susan Boonies, this is a great way to increase my prayer life :)

  5. I am going to link this to my blog today - I know that I spend so much time grumbling at my four boys until I am sick of my own voice - and I tell THEM it is okay to pick up someone elses' mess, yet I resent having to clean up theirs.

    Much to think about today, thank you!

  6. I appreciate your glimpse into the Pastor's glass house. I serve under the ministry of Pastor Scott and Ms. Susan who commented earlier. I appreciate the testimony of both of you and your hearts open to instruction and continued flexibility to the "glass house" syndrome. I am only learning about this anomaly, but pray I have the grace as you both do to handle it wisely. Thank you for the encouragement!

  7. Wow what a "spiritual gut-check"! Thanks Dawn for allowing the Father to speak through you to help us see this powerful truth. Help me LORD to be Your greatest servant!

  8. There are no servants here, as well!!!!!!! I get this one. Piles everywhere, and when two college age sons role in for the Christmas break, disaster is headed in as well. My life is littered with piles; I've even managed a few of my own in recent days, but I'm working on my servanthood in the midst of theirs. So often it starts with my heart, and a little teaching on the side. And every now again, I see some progress!

    Be blessed in your serving today, and thanks for stopping by the blog and weighing in with your heart. I found myself wanting to start my day with complaining and instead switched to gratefulness, much in keeping with your lengthy list above. Now, to prepare my heart for two weeks of 4 kids, full on!



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