How to Maneuver a Flyover

by - December 13, 2010

The fog clears as hot water falls around me. It's an early morning effort to get a running start before I attempt a pole vault over the mountain of things that need to be done this week. It's 5 am, I smell shampoo, then hear, "Mom? I don't feel so good," and the pole gets caught in the gravel just before I lose my grip, stumble and almost fall.

Almost fall.

Just in the nick of time, I realize that my way over the mountain is to be thankful. Gratitude vaults us right up and over the stuff of life piled high, even in the December madness that happens despite our best efforts.

321 ~ sick child forcing me to slow down and do what's needful
322 ~ a hot shower before having to care for a sick child. Oh, thank you, Lord.
323 ~ watching Mike dance his praise to God with two-year old great niece singing "Danza"
324 ~ the groceries I need to buy
325 ~ the week's worth of menus already planned out
326 ~ the checking account and bills I must catch up on today: YUCK! (must be thankful -- must.)
327 ~ the rest of the elf costume to get together today
328 ~ invitation to schedule a long overdue conversation with brother
329 ~ looking forward to wrapping Christmas gifts
330 ~ shopping less, giving more, worshipping fully
331 ~ giving clean water to an entire Guatemalan village for Christmas
332 ~ Sunday night Christmas musical singing scandalous mercy
333 ~ children dressed up in nativity attire, leading worship with an innocence found only in children
334 ~ the solo voices of Mae Mae and Joshua: the sound of heaven's purity right here on earth
335 ~ The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever, the book and the one by our children
336 ~ early morning, half-asleep, whispered  half-conversation with Mike, still under cover
337 ~ Auntie Donna, no matter how much time has passed since we last talked
338 ~ going it alone, conquering fears, and courage to delve into something new
339 ~ preteen who still comes looking for goodnight kisses
340 ~ biting wind and central heat
341 ~ home cooked Christmas dinner for fifty prisoners, where the Bread of Life is served and two partake
342 ~ Holy Spirit who keeps me from falling into the temptation of complaining even before the day has really begun

Joining others in gratitude today, because gratefulness is the only way to really live a life that pleases Him.

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  1. Sorry your little one is sick! Gratitude is good, especially when life's circumstances make it the unnatural response. Super-natural, in fact. Over and above your circumstances. Just like a pole vault. ;-)

  2. this grateful post knocked my socks off.
    how do you do ALL that you do?

    here i am nursing a Christmas performance
    hangover. :) three 1 1/2 hour performances
    right next to the GIANT tim-something drum.
    oHHH, my head.

    see the difference between you and me? you
    would be grateful that you had the awesome
    privilege to stand right next to the most
    enthusiastic drummer of all time!

    i am so sorry your little one is sick but so
    happy that your middle one still wants a kiss


  3. I love the Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever! I need to re-read it and get the DVD (which I just found out existed). Glad to hear that two joined in being sustained by the Bread of Life!


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