Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Reading List

Summer is escaping me quickly, and I haven't plowed through near enough pages yet. Right now I'm half way through Randy Alcorn's Heaven, a thought-provoking delve into what Heaven is like. It is making a lasting impression even as I consider serving the Lord in the here and now.

Next on the list is Radical, David Platt's book that Mike highly recommends. I think it will be the culmination of several things that have caused Mike and me to change courses economically and materially. With a study two years ago about living a more generous life, and then a run-through of Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsay last year, I think Radical will be quite the final act in this life drama.

I downloaded the ebook by Angie Smith, I Will Carry You. I'm anxious to read that one as well. I've never sat before a computer screen to read an entire book before. I can do it for hours blog-hopping, but something seems amiss here. I need ink I can smell on a page I can dog-ear all kept with a binding fresh for bending backwards.

Also on the list is Screwtape Letters, a classic by C. S. Lewis I've never read.(Did he write anything that didn't become a classic?) I always want to devote summers to the classics, but I've yet to succeed. A summer of Austen, Brontë, and Dickens sounds delicious.

And with Tozer's The Pursuit of God as the monthly free download at audiobooks, I just might have a reading list to last me through December. I love to read, but it's a slow go for me. I live jealous of friends who devour a whole novel in two days.

And with all these heavy-lifters, surely I need something lighter to end with. Any suggestions?
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