God On the Spot

by - July 03, 2010

How good are you at testimony-telling? I think I am getting worse.

I love to hear about how He's worked in situations and comes through in the eleventh hour. It's easy to tell these stories when they have God written all over them and they ended with happily ever after. God the hero, his servant the rescued damsel in distress. We're reading missionary stories each night after dinner this summer. They're ripe with God's miraculous Hand scribbling his unmistakable signature over desperate and dangerous times.

They become testimonies after God moves. But what are they before, when they're in the making?

I've already told the fish tale God is leading me to, even though I don't yet have my riding off into the sunset. I've proclaimed, and with a megaphone, that the corner of this design boasts God's signature. And now I wait to see, and I go obeying . . . and I waver.

It is I who now scribbles with shaky hand; writing FAITH across the doubt, reframing my point of view. I tell of the testimony premature, in the midst of the test part. Is this faith? Is it irresponsible? And I swallow the lump and be brave to ask, "Have I put God on the spot?"

I have even more questions, always in need of more answers. Have I overstepped? Presumed? Put God in a predicament? Do I even dare ask?

And God answers. With His good gifts. In His grace. All love for his unsure girl, the one who struggles with faith.

"I am always on the spot. I put Myself there when I employ hands and feet of clay. Use the dust of the earth for what's holy. With every command, I am on the spot.

Will you obey?

Will you heed?



Will you radiate My glory?

When you do, I sign my Name on the masterpiece that is you . . . because it is Me."

So I rest. And there is peace. Just as soon as I move out of the spotlight. It is reserved for Another. It is God who is on the spot.

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