The Hot Sticky Thick of Things

by - July 22, 2011

The high today is 102. Even at 6:30 this morning it was 81 with a heat index of 87. The birds weren't chirping. It's downright oppressive out there. So when we aren't absconding ourselves off to my brother-in-law's pool, we're hiding in the air-conditioning, the five of us, sliding slick between laughter and fighting, computer overdose and boredom. It's July, and the dog days of summer didn't wait for August to show up. But I am not complaining, because in this thick and sticky press of Us, the things I'm grateful for rise like heat, and I can't wait til Monday to count them.  Numbers 468 - 497:

~ summer heat forcing a slow-down
~ teens in the pool, their fluid water games making solid memories
~ a hug from her when she's crying at the end of the book
~ and I smell soap, feel her shower-damp hair
~ books so good you cry at the end
~ a new summer salad recipe for dinner
~ summer reading
~ overcoming fear and singing for love
~ her feeling of accomplishment that shows in the smile
~ being proud of that, too
~ very berry smoothie from McDonald's
~ the desire to explain myself
~ how cute Boomer looks when he needs grooming
~ air conditioning, open-toe shoes, sleeveless shirts
~ sunglasses
~ a beautiful quinceneara celebration

~ cousins who are friends and growing up together
~ a friend who comes to the rescue with flashing lights when I'm stranded on the interstate
~ an evening on the deck at dusk to doze
~ godly historical perspective from Historian David Barton
~ political leaders that might possibly be restoring my faith in them and the process
~ tomatoes, peaches, and watermelon, this season's bounty, when it's too hot for anything else
~ menu inspiration after a summer of my menu-planning drought
~ ice skating in July for the skater-girl
~ celebrating anniversaries of God's amazing grace with friends
~ the look, the feel, and the smell of my freshly mowed yard
~ the way things work out, especially when they weren't how we planned them
~ baffled doctors with good reports for our Guatemala kids
~ July heat that smokes out summer blessings

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  1. Love the Friday gratitude list. I want the name of the book that made you cry! Those are some lovely girls wonder you are grateful!

  2. Oh! I miss talking to you! I want to share those recipes and also know the name of the book that made someone cry. . . And I. . . I to be the cousins that grow up together . . But since we can't have that, I'll settle for being grateful for all of eternity . .. Thank you Jesus for that gift!!!

  3. Love the simple gratitude in this post.


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