Hi! I'm so happy you dropped by so I can introduce myself. I'm Dawn, the one who's writing all this crazy life down to make sense of the ordinary and the everyday. I've been married for more than half my life, and I mother three amazing miracles. Isn't all of life a miracle? I was a stay-at-home mom for sixteen years because eighteen years of their life goes by in a flash. I talk too long on the phone with my best friend, love cooking for (and with) my family, and don't have a crafty bone in my body. I hate when my kids fight, exercising (but do it anyway), and balancing the checkbook.

This guy of mine is Mike. He pastors our church, teaches bible college classes, and often wanders off to Guatemala, Kenya and South Sudan to train pastors and fall in love with their children, like Deng pictured here. Mike used to play golf; now he reads theology textbooks for fun.  He's a cancer survivor, a former junior college national football champ, and resident grill master.

Our firstborn is Adrian. He's a songwriter who plays guitar and piano. He raps and remixes songs and loves 70s and 80s music. Apparently he's behind his time. He's creative and confident and does his musical thing at AdrianGonzalezMusic.com.

Noelle is our animal lover. She's a thinker and introspective and is involved in theater and dance. She's responsible and thoughtful, and singing most of the time. 

Our baby is Reagan, our little spitfire that keeps everything loud and crazy.  She's Noelle's best friend, and loves to read and take selfies.

This is Boomer, our blind-from-birth miniature schnauzer. He's happy and doesn't let his handicap keep him from enjoying life to the fullest. He's an animated reminder of what the Christian life is to look like: running blindly full speed into all the abundant life Christ has awaiting us.

Still want to know more?  Here are fifty more things and on the home page is a continual feed of new thoughts. So nice to meet you.