Worthy Reading Recs Since I Haven't Been Writing

by - July 07, 2018

With family in town on the heels of a week at the beach and three days of Benadryl-induced zombie land due to a frightening allergic reaction, I've somehow managed to find and read some amazing things on the internet worth recommending.

Music, Children, and Chaos by Drew Miller for the Rabbit Room
No hints other than the title. Read Drew Miller. It will bring beauty to your life.

The Sentence I Thought I'd Never Write by Rebecca K. Reynolds
She's one of my faves. And I love this for the wounded deviation into a Protestant mainline denom, the healing that came from a five-year spiritual convalescence there and, of course, you have to know this sentence an amazing writer thought she'd never write. Redemptive, beautiful.

The Summer I Wasn't Attacked by a Shark by Kathy Warner for Image Journal
"In the surf the day after seeing Jaws again, my best friend grabs my legs, yanking me under. I thrash against her. 
This time it isn't funny.
I think how most attacks happen in three feet of water. I'm in three feet, maybe four of water so green I can't see through it. I can't explain why, but if there's a shark out here—it's out to get me.
Kicking attracts sharks, so I keep still, floating without moving.
I know how to keep still, keep panic motionless."

The Plus Factor by Housewife Theologian, Amiee Byrd 
It's a post that highlights two books about the biblical book of Ruth by Carolyn Curtis. Since that sounds the opposite of intriguing, here's a quote from the post that also quotes one of the books:

"if you want an amazing example of 'biblical manhood' look no further than Boaz, who 'in response to Ruth's initiatives, will subvert the very patriarchal mores that most benefit him as a man. Instead, he will sacrificially employ those e and privileges to empower Ruth and to benefit Naomi. In the process, he will put on display Jesus' kingdom brand of manhood that is desperately needed in today's world."  a fascinating article, promise.

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