Lament for Paris: A Psalm

by - November 14, 2015

It is dark, Lord; I cannot see the way.
Is evil to win another day?
Hear me! Hear the grief,
Anger, outrage, fear.
Write it down, Lord,
In your book,
the anguish here!


Open your eyes, Lord; open mine.
We are wounded
Bleeding. Still.
You know this
Horror suspended there.
Pray there be no more.


You are quiet; Are You there?
To cast thee our care?
On our knees, no words to form
But grope with despair, lovelorn
Where are You? Where are You?
Speak to me:


You see.
     You hear.
          You care.
               You wait!

It's quiet.
              I hate!

You love —
It never, ever fails.
You promise —
Yea and amen,
Even when it makes no sense —
I hope.

It is dark, Lord. I cannot see the way.
Is evil to win another day?

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  1. God is always there and here; it's we who have asked Him to leave.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours; may you celebrate
    in good health and happiness.


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