For When You are Stressed, Dependent, and Humbled

by - May 24, 2014

This week I did something for only the tenth time in my life. I started a new job.

One forgets what it's like being new, knowing nothing, and having no context. I needed help and had to rely on others to guide me in accomplishing my responsibilities. In short, it was stressful, uncomfortable, and humbling.

Although I look forward to the time when I am well-trained and competent in my work, this week of ineptness on the job made me remember that this is the exact context in which we are to remain when it comes to faith.

We are to rely on Another's leadership and guidance. Not just when we're newbies (2 Corinthians 5:17), but always. There will be times when our finite context is not enough and we must trust that God knows what he's up to. In faith, we walk assured only when we are unsure, unable, and reliant upon Christ to be made perfect in our human weakness.

This week, I was grateful for positive feedback from co-managers, higher ups, and even one I manage. I'm grateful just to have co-workers, because I haven't really had them in quite some time.

And for the gift of scripture from my predecessor, who still works for the company (and is training me — thank you, God) and is my co-worker in more than one way.

I'm thankful for the reminder that sometimes it's not only okay, but preferable to be stressed, dependent, and humble.

I want to make this new job my own and add to the corporate culture and community in this new space where I will share 40 hours of life each week with a whole new subset of people. I want to bring my whole, best self to my new job and do it well for the glory of God. It will take being independent, dependent, and interdependent, and knowing when each is appropriate.

I hope to never forget that.


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  1. live my life, it's easy to remember.
    best of success, Dawn, on your new job.


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