Monday, March 3, 2014

Still Waters Stirred

Six believers stirred the baptismal waters yesterday, with so much blessing I couldn't contain it. It spills over in many ways:

~in tears and testimonies beforehand
~even the translator teared up
~the plethora of things that can lead us, unsuspecting, to Jesus
~parents whose search for their baby girl's cancer cure led to their finding sin's cure instead
~a youth pastor's "hard preaching" that reached a quiet girl's heart
~two knee surgeries that put her at the mercy of others and had her heart kneeling before the Lord
~a husband and wife  baptized together
~the hard way, that he claims is the best way, because it was his way to salvation
~a shy and downcast teenage smile that was uncontainable right before and after she went under
~the kind of joy of the Lord that erupts from us despite our attempts at composure
~a believing wife despite the obstacles and hiding of keys
~a heart surgery that leads to another kind of heart surgery: a transplant from a stone heart to a heart of flesh
~the abundant life that drips with the Holy Spirit that no towel can mop up
~being baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who is
~indeed, there is none like Him
~the stirring of waters still
~swimming today in yesterday's blessings.

With Michelle today, and counting graces with Ann.
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