Guest Posting: A Spiritual Misfit Tale

by - March 28, 2014

I pull into the garage and my dog and daughter meet me three steps into the kitchen. "Shhh," she whispers. "Adrian's boss is here recording." 

I hear his warm, rich tenor penetrate my disheveled house, and I melt from the beauty of the sound and from the messiness of my house.

I have a valid reason not to get further into the house than the kitchen. I don't have to face him if I don't want to, you know, because dinner has to be cooked and the morning dishes and after school snack leftovers await me in the sink and on every counter.

The kitchen alone is appalling. ...

I'm guest posting at Michelle DeRusha's blog today. She's written a memoir of her uneasy faith called Spiritual Misfit. I've read it and I think you might find yourself and your own uneasy faith in her pages. You can find out more about it on her book page or just go preorder it using the links below. It releases April 15.
Her story will make you laugh, then catch you by surprise with tenderness and fill you with unexpected grace once she convinces you it's impossible.
You might find that you, too, are a spiritual misfit, or, better yet, want to actually become one.
My incriminating house and unexpected company? Well, it's a spiritual misfit tale of the divergent kind.
No. Not that Divergent. But humor me — come on over to Michelle's.
To pre-order your copy of Spiritual Misfit: Amazon, Barnes & Noble or

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  1. I am filled with joy at having you as the very first guest poster in this series, Dawn. Thanks for writing so authentically and transparently. And Thank you for your encouragement and support all along the way in this journey to publication. Love you lots!

    1. It is my joy and pleasure to support your Spiritual Misfit story. It carries an important message to those who think faith should be perfect, unfaltering, and without doubt and stumbles along the way. I rejoice that God loves me even at my worst, over and over again.


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