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by - December 21, 2013

Because endings and new beginnings are just on the horizon: 
Ben and Ali took wedding photos in their newly purchased first home, photos that Ben recreated with his 3 year old daughter when he sold the house. He does it to commemorate a lifetime of living there that came and went. Two full of hope and promise moved in. A different two moved out, still full of hope and promise, despite the pain and loss. Heartwarming:

"This is a story about love.  The pain is nothing compared to the love that I feel for Ali and Olivia and that’s the story I want these pictures to tell to Olivia in the years to come and anyone else that sees them.  The pain will subside little by little but the love never will, no matter where we live."
Read on here.

Because Christmas is a little bit about the same old thing feeling fresh and new:
A Christmas twist on the old familiar. There is so much to love about this video, each word, every added instrument, the writing on the foggy window to the unsuspected choir.

Because this fall project has so much to offer both giver and receiver at Christmas:
Have you ever wondered what happens to those Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes you packed long before Christmas was in full swing? My friend Lori helped process some boxes for shipping and opened Christmas morning a thousand times over. Read the whole sneak peak behind the scenes here.

I had the opportunity to tell two young ladies' first-hand stories of receiving shoeboxes on the other side of the world when life was dark and cold and lonely, where God seemed like only a fairy tale, but two girls really do happily ever after because of a shoebox. Read it all here.

Because it's a wonderful life:

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  1. Dawn, Merry Christmas to you and yours. May God's blessings overwhelm you in the coming year.


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