8½ Ways to Shake Off Discouragement

by - July 23, 2013

Have you ever been so disappointed you weren't quite sure what to do? Found it hard to just take the next step? It didn't even have to be something major, just something heavy enough to make you stumble and lose your stride in life.

Then this is for you:

8½ Ways to Shake Off Discouragement

1.  Do the next thing you would have done anyway. I know. You don't want to, but do it anyway.
2.  Cast all your cares upon Him; He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)
3.  Indulge in a few tears alone in your car.
4.  Roll the windows down and feel the speed. When the wind hits your face, it's impossible not to smile. Impossible, I tell you.
5.  Turn up the music and sing loud. B.J. Putnam's Glorious is good, but that's just me.
5½.  Play drums on the steering wheel to earns bonus points.

6.  Go for a run, or a spin on your bike, or whatever you do to sweat and breathe deeply.
7.  Fall into the arms of a loved one. Linger there and feel the wonder of love.
8.  Get a good night sleep. Things are always better in the morning. It's true—really.

So tell me, how do you find your hope agian when you've been discouraged?

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  1. Do the next best thing. Thank you. I needed that. . .Well all of it actually. Hoping you're ok. . .

  2. OK Dawn, you've got me on this one...can I do 2, 3, 4, 5 and 5 1/2 all at the same time? I love this! No, seriously...I've really done this and there's nothing like it and I think God approves! He loves it, especially when we cast our cares upon Him, and then crank up the music and let the tears flow...tears of release. Thank you for sharing! At least I know there is another soul on earth who shares my love of the open road and a little wind blowing in her hair.

    1. Of course, Cindy! You get extra bonus points for doing them simultaneously! But I recommend doing number 8 all by itself.

  3. I am all about 5 1/2! Like a boss!


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