Whatever It Takes To Win

by - June 27, 2013

It all started when my boss came to me with a request at work. He asked me to do something that felt as if I were being singled out from among my peers to be the only one to adhere to a new policy.  There was a temptation to take offense, and I felt every telltale symptom begin to rise inside me.

I was indignant.
I couldn’t take my mind off the situation.
My outrage grew, and it began to upset me.
My shoulders tensed.
My mind raced, and my heart pounded.

All the while, I sat silently at my desk with a professional air carrying out my work. But be not mistaken. There was war going on in me.

My pride had been injured, and the urge to retaliate was intensifying with every passing moment.

I strategized ways to challenge the request, at least indirectly, and the arguments “for” and “against” began their dialogue in my head.  

Confront it--you will feel better. At least you will make your point. He’ll know you know. This is unwarranted and unfair. Fight. Back!

But how does that help you? You’ll still have to comply with the request. Is this worth making waves?

But you can’t just take this on the chin silently.

I was almost too far gone when I realized this was a crucial moment. I knew what I must do.

The rest of the story is at  Laced With Grace.  Join me there. 

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