The Surprise

by - July 11, 2012

Adrian has been to Guatemala every summer since fifth grade, save one. He's divvied out medication, carried the scriptures on his shoulders to people still unreached with the gospel, blown bubbles to occupy waiting children, prayed with families, sung songs, and given bean paste sandwiches to hungry humanity that live at the dump. Over the years, he's delivered the gospel in myriad ways.

But thosse aren't not the only things that will happen this year. Much of the rest is a surprise, and who doesn't love a surprise?  If you follow me over to Laced With Grace you can find out. I can't give it all away, of course, or it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. But there's more to the story over there, so come on, sneak on over.  And Shhhh--

Laced With Grace

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