Christmas Battle

by - December 07, 2011

It was September when I decided I'd teach the song to Noelle and Reagan and we would be a trio by Christmas. I dug the music out from the bottom of the piano bench and went in search of the demo CD. I had a plan and plenty of time. What I didn't have was interested girls, but I didn't let it deter me.

For two weeks I dragged them to the piano and CD player every stray, spare minute we had. They resisted. I was still undeterred.

They mumbled parts half-hearted, while I played the song to captive ears in my car on the way to church and stores and Grandma's house. They whined and complained, but I put my ear to their mouths to hear begrudged harmony and defied them to hurt my feelings. They glowered; I forged ahead.

Moms always win. They should know this by now.

I set it aside for awhile thinking that a short truce would soften their reluctance into willingness. It was supposed to be a pretty Christmas song not a battle of the wills.

Thanksgiving passed, and God prompted me to quiet rest and expectation this advent season. The tree winked at me in this endeaver, I'm sure of it. It still stands quiet in the corner, slowly dying.

Yesterday, with Noelle in her berry-colored choir gown, we hurried across town for her dress rehearsal. She was awash in tears, and it wasn't great timing, but I slid that CD into the dash. Noelle was sulking. My defenses were waning, and sulking is contagious. My car filled with dissonance as I recognized defeat.

This must be the place believers come were the last lyrics that played when I quietly pushed the CD off, thick silence penetrating the stale air. The lyrics would have waxed poetic of the stable, the cross, and an empty tomb had I not shut them up inside my dashboard. Noelle slumped into the window and quietly closed her eyes.

She had leaned into rest. This must be the place beleivers come, indeed.

Writing in community with God-Bumps and God-Incidences at Getting Down With Jesus and with The High Calling's community Advent writing. I wish I could link this with Deidra at Jumping Tandem, too, because I've been so blessed by her 25 Days to a Smaller Christmas. 

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  1. What a lovely blog...and a lovely story to share to encourage those of us fighting some of those same battles :) Visiting from God-bumps

  2. Dawn. This is absolutely perfect. I love how you just open up and let us all in there with you. When you turned off the CD, I could totally feel it - the peace and quiet settling in and around and through you. And me. Perfect.

  3. Yes, I really got drawn into this story. Easy to identify!

  4. Yes, this place of quiet and stillness ... it must be the place where believers come.

    Lovely, my friend. So glad you shared this moment in community today.


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