The Way Forward

by - June 10, 2011

It's another Five Minute Friday post today, so here goes:



It unnatural. Instinct says move forward, only forward. But backwards is the way of God. The Creator became creation, Spirit born flesh -- in order to forgive. It's unnatural, maybe because it's grace.

It's going back to a mistake, the gift of a do-over. Can it be there really are second chances?

So don't stuff it down and wish it were never there. Go backwards. Retrace those steps, find forgiveness. Redeem means to buy back. He's the backwards God who re-does and redeems. Making perfect is sometimes circling back to a "has been." I dare you, dare me, to move forward by going back to revisit.

Reverse doesn't always feel like progress. But can progress be made, real progress, without it? A backward glance is perfect sight, hindsight 20/20, so when we turn back around to face forward, the view is grand, full of grace and forgiveness. And so redeemed. Oh, the joy! All because we chose to go backwards, digress, and get lost in what we don't want to face again, in order to move forward again.


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  1. An encouraging, positive spin on backwards. Nicely done. :)

  2. Love this.
    You must go backwards to go forwards.

  3. I enjoyed this view of backwards, we all have to do it!

  4. Well done, Dawn! Truth in five minutes.

  5. you're brilliant, dawn. wait, back up, what i mean
    is you're very perceptive and have a wonderful
    way of expressing that.


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