Scales and Coattails

by - June 03, 2011

You know how sometimes we weigh our guarded surrender on the scale opposite what-if-He-sends-me-to-Africa-as-a-missionary? We all know which side is heavier—the "guarded" on the surrender side.  Duh.

But God is patient and kind.  Because he's been chipping away at my "guarded" until the "surrender" was pure gold tipping the scale toward the Africa side.

Can you see where this is headed?

Yes, to Africa.

We're going to Africa. At least Mike is. I'm not riding there on his coattails by including myself either; instead I'm sending my better half, the golden unguarded half who's not afraid and apprehensive (like me) but humbled by God-given opportunities and willing to go to The Dark Continent.

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Africa is the Dark Continent on so many levels: 
  • Civil unrest
  • Religious oppression
  • Unspeakable poverty
  • Largely third world status
But Mike has been burdened with reaching the unreached, unengaged people groups of the world,  and has already brought the gospel to a whole remote Guatemalan village that had never heard it, so it was inevitable, don't you think?

He'll first spend a week on Crusade in Kenya with Wesley Paul, a full-time evangelist.  What must it feel like when a sea of people have all eyes on you and the Words of Life are in your mouth?

Then he'll travel alone to the brand spanking new country of Southern Sudan to work with Pastor Garang, whom Mike providentially met in a Guatemalan airport, to spend a week training Sudanese pastors.

Pastor Garang, a native of Sudan, fled his home in the 80's, found refuge in Cuba, then migrated to Guatemala (a loose parallel to Mike, who fled communist Cuba for the US and now ministers in Guatemala).  Ultimately God called Pastor Garang back to his war-torn homeland.  He is on the left, baptizing the oldest member of the community:

I love this baptismal pool because it looks like a muddy grave, and isn't that what baptism really is? Death to the dirt-flesh that we were before Christ?

Would you like to go to Africa on coattails?  You can, with a tax-deductible donation to make Mike's trip a financial reality.  Here's how:

If you would like to sponsor Mike , donate at or mail your gifts to:

AFRICA For Christ 2011
523 Superior Street
Columbia SC  29205

You could pray, too.  For Mike and Pastor Garang and Wesley, of course, but mostly for me.

Clinging to the scale with golden gratitude,

Pastor Garang's website appears to be off-line currently.  The website is:

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  1. Oh, Dawn. That surrender is so hard. But Mike can't go and God can't do His thing unless you and Mike are united. And you do that so well!!! Even in your struggle. I am so blessed to have your Godly example in my life. Besides behind every good Pastor and missionary is a prayer laden ministry. . . Blessed by your devotion and humility. . .

  2. Dawn, I would sponsor – I really would – but I have zero money to spare – honestly – zero. I'm rich in faith, I'm rich with God's heart, but I am about the poorest person I know. But I can pray – and I just did.

    behind every great man – there is a great woman.

    that is all.

    God bless you.


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