Motherhood Should Come With...

by - May 06, 2011

This is another five minute writing as I have begun reflecting on motherhood yesterday, getting a headstart on Sunday.

Five minute writings, are timed writings without any perfecting/editing/rewriting. Here's today's.

Motherhood Should Come With...


Motherhood should come with muscles beacuse it makes you stronger than you ever knew you were.  It should come with a list of warnings in the fine print that your really can do this thing.  That even though this amazing hunk of God-created flesh with a whole new life ahead of him has been left at your doorstep -- or something like that -- you really are the perfect person for this job.  You.  This child.  A match for a lifetime.

It makes you a better daughter.  It makes you a warmer person.  It's the most instinctive thing I've ever done.  I've never been a mama Lion before, and then I had cubs.

There's Dad, too.  Can't be a mom without a dad, at least I don't know how I would be.  He's there. He picks up where I just can't seem to go anymore.  He's wise, and he's not mom.  That's a wonderful thing, too.

What an amazing thing, this life.  How it grows, repeats, but is unique each time, each life something singular, with its own offerings.  Lovely.


It's God's handiwork, in his image, gifted to moms.  It's another to have and to hold until death do us part.  What an amazing challenge, what an amazing joy, what manner of love.


Happy Mother's Day to all.

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  1. Lovely thoughts on motherhood. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. What a wonderful reminder that this mom and this child were meant for each other; and that Daddy is a necessary part (it's definitely so in my house). Thank you for your thoughts. What a nice thing to read this morning! Smiles -

  3. Happy Mothers Day Dawn, you are an amazing mother, wife and friend, -me and the kids would be lost without you. We arise and call you blessed and I give praise (Halal - to boast about, commend, to make a fool of oneself over another) for you (Proverbs 31:28). Love you.

  4. Biggest challenge, greatest joy...isn't it true?

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Dawn; hope it was wonderful!


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