Somewhere In the Middle

by - February 07, 2011

Our family is working our way though Elizabeth Elliot's devotional A Light Unto My Feet: The Bible's Light for Your Daily Walk. Her most eloquent words of wisdom could stand in their own right. But when they are couched upon her life experience of giving more than she ever imagined she would on the mission field in Ecuador, I nightly feel my faith pale in comparison.

I see the cost of serving the Lord counted with complete and peaceful surrender by so many others, and I fear the heavy price would crush rather than buoy me. They are so many:  Jim Elliot, his wife Elizabeth, Peter, Paul, every apostle save John, every martyr, every tortured, imprisoned, persecuted Christian down through the ages and today. They did not, do not, languish. Not in prison nor fear. Instead they thrive and rise to the occasion with no lack of faith.

Then there is me. I both worship and complain freely. Though I live in a land and time of peace, I'm often anxious, troubled, and worried over every unknown. Darkness arouses fear when it should elicit faith. I'm duped into thinking I am safer when I swim with the crowd. But isn't the wild, caution-less walk with Jesus brazenly on top of the water?

It's going to definitely mean no longer being Somewhere In the Middle.

364 ~ praying with Mom over the phone
365 ~ His strategy for success:  taking every thought captive
366 ~ saying I love you and being loved, too
367 ~ tea parties and button-eyed dragons
368 ~ a Guatemalan village of 1,100 with a working water filter
369 ~ water engineers generous with their time and expertise
370 ~ God's perfect provision
371 ~ changes and new beginnings
372 ~ looking forward to Spring
373 ~ family dinners and devotions
374 ~ once upon a time and happily ever after: He makes the past and future both bright
375 ~ sixteen years of stay-at-home mom status
376 ~ a musical challenge to live extreme for Christ and
377 ~ winning the fight for faith

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  1. I love your blog! It's simple and elegant.
    I've been going through EE's book too, same exact one.

    I interviewed her daughter Val and posted the interview on my blog if you want to know about her.

    So glad to have stopped by. Will be back.

  2. Thought-provoking sincere blog.

    I transcribed messages which Jim Elliot spoke before leaving for the mission field and they are published in book form.

    "Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know such an extraordinary God." - Jim Elliot

  3. I’m visiting from Ann’s today.

    You know, I look at those spiritual warriors – I bet they also did this “worship and complain freely”. But I heart your humble spirit.

    My fave from your gratitude list:

    sixteen years of stay-at-home mom status (you are a blessing to your family)

    Thank you for sharing these

    God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.


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