Save the Date: 2/25/2011

by - October 21, 2010

Mike and I had the unique opportunity to attend a pre-release screening of a new movie opening February 25, 2011. This movie is a must-see for the Christian and the skeptic alike, but for different reasons.

This movie doesn't "go all preacher" on you, and doesn't present the gospel. But it does paint a vivid picture of how a life can be changed by hope, forgiveness and grace. Who can't relate to tragedy, past regrets, and guilt, even if it's misplaced? We know all too well what cancer that can be - the past sabotaging the present and the future, eating away slowly at life's structure until it begins to crumble and fall.

This film is about broken relationships, unforgiveness, bitterness, and unmet expectations in a real-life scenario that's believable. It's about a man with a stalled career, a son who can't live up to his potential in the shadow of his deceased brother, a strained marriage, the toll of financial pressures on a family, race relations both personal and in general. It does a great job of showing why one might need a life of faith. And how a lack of faith corrupts every other potentially healthy area of life.

It also portrays the life of a Christian man who struggles with fleshing out his faith every day when issues hit too close to home for comfort. His struggles with falling short of his own expectations and grappling with these ugly self-discoveries show that growth for the Christian is a real struggle sometimes, hard work, and messy.

Christians need to rally behind this latest effort to provide wholesome entertainment. This film is a joint effort between Hollywood and Christian entertainment that will not disappoint the modern movie-goer who expects quality acting, directing, and producing. This was not a low-budget film, and the reception it garners in the marketplace will determine whether or not expensive ventures like this are undertaken in the future. Now is our chance to tell Hollywood what the American consumer wants. They will listen if our money is speaking loud and clear.

There are many ways to become involved in supporting this film. Please explore them at to get involved in the latest grace awakening. And save the date: 2/25/11.

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  1. It looks good. I already cried and its only the trailer. Isn't Feb 25 or somewhere around there your anniversary???


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