Saturday in the Park Part 2

by - October 17, 2010

On our way home, we passed by a corner we often pass on our way home. For the last week or so it's been glowing golden and begging to be photographed. I keep forgetting to bring my camera along, but after our picnic in the park, we started to zoom right past that familiar glow and I yelled, "Stop!"

Mike, thinking something was really wrong, slammed on the brakes. I made him pull over and asked Adrian to reach into the back for the camera. Rather than give it to me, he jumped out himself and began taking these:

Adrian and I both are infatuated right now with photos that focus on one particular thing and blur out everything else either in front or behind.

Adrian's getting good at it. This next shot is one I suggested, and it's no disappointment. Are these some small variety of sunflower, or are they Lazy Susans? The bush is at least six feet tall, and they are in full bloom in mid-October.

Whatever they're called, I call them magnificent. Thank you, neighbor, for planting and tending and sharing God's golden wealth roadside for all who pass by.

About that time, Mr. Bee noticed us intruders and began to lay claim to his territory. This was just another object for Adrian to capture. He tried....

and tried, and tried...(not to get stung)...

until he nailed it. Gosh, you're good, Adrian!

I must admit I'm glad he jumped out and insisted on taking the shots. He's probably a much better photographer than I. As I've said before, he's the kind that succeeds at whatever he attempts.  Not too bad for an automatic camera, huh. These are straight out of the camera, too, no doctoring or cropping whatsoever. Imagine what he could do with a good manual camera and a gorgeous afternoon away from his X box.

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  1. What a gem! Adrian and Clarissa have the same photo gene! They are beautiful pictures! Frame them to remember such a wonderful day.


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