One Wish

by - October 02, 2010

If things had been just a little bit different
so long ago
deep inside the darkness of my mother's womb,
I just might have been conceived
with a different set of chromosomes
the kind that are notated with an XY rather than a XX.

If that had been the case,
then I'd be in the mountains of Tennessee today,
rolling up my jeans
to tiptoe over the cold stones
and wiggle my toes in the even colder water
and hear it gurgle down the river.

I'd relate first-hand to images and ideals of brotherhood like this.

I'd be discovering modern day idolatry 
from this book that I can't wait to read for myself.

I'd wake up to a balcony
that runs staight off the highest cliff's edge,
high enough to kiss right back the sun that kisses me

and be visited first-hand by a cool morning's puple mountain majesties.

And I'd be with this guy
instead of missing him like crazy.

So, today...
and just for one day...
well, maybe for the whole weekend... 
I wish I were a man.

{ Gatlinburg photos by Carlos Gonzalez Jr. and used withouy his express permission, but he probably doesn't care. :O) }

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  1. Gosh Dawn...tell more about the Band of Brothers. I went to the site but...bandwidth issues /as the kids say nowadays/ prevents me from visiting long.
    I gave up wearing heels a long time ago; any time I put on the only pair of heels I own -1.5 inches- my back lets me know of my stupidity. Grin. Flats are my friend, flats are my friend.

  2. but you wouldn't be married to him! :)

    my husband adores "counterfeit gods."
    the book, i mean.

    i have been so swamped around my
    life that i haven't visited here, and just
    thought, "i miss dawn!"

    hope your guy comes home soon . . .

  3. Dawn, I couldn't find your e-address so please forgive the public nature of my note. If you would be so kind, please put Dave's name on your prayer list at home and church. He's having more tests made and it doesn't look good. If you send me an e-mail, address on my blog, I'll tell you more. Thanks.


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