Gratitude For Today...and Tomorrow, Too

by - October 18, 2010

The gratitude is there all along just waiting to be discovered. I've looked back now through the pages and find that I remember them since I took the time to record them. I like that. The record. The remembering. The keeping of the grace.

Adrian likes it, too. He's asked to have my book when it's complete. He actually wants my gratitude, my list, my graces that are gifts, to be gifted to him.

Yes. This is my prayer. That he would take hold of the exercise and start recording his own. Someday he shall indeed have my record if he still wants it when the time comes. But he doesn't have to wait for mine, he can receive the gift right now by discovering his own graces, and beginning with 1.

"...Then Jesus said unto him, "Go and do likewise." ~ Luke 10:37

227 ~ seeing Dad's name on caller ID
228 ~ cool mornings, finally
229 ~ missing Mike
230 ~ a daughter who's interested in cooking, with or without me
231 ~ Christopher Columbus, who proved the world not flat by bumping into a whole new (to Europe) continent that would become a place to live in freedom
232 ~ Guatemalan pastors eager to learn a biblical world view

233 ~ a husband who calls and facebooks several times a day while he's teaching in Guatemala
234 ~ panic attacks combatted by a friend's laughter
235 ~ sending baby clothes to our children's home for the eleven year old girl, violated by a family member, who just became a mother
236 ~ rescuing her little sister from the same dangerous environment and thus a similar fate
237 ~ a perfectly healthy pre-mature baby despite doctors' apprehensions

238 ~ missing read alouds from our homeschool days and reinstituting them after dinner each night for the fun of it
239 ~ King Solomon with all his wisdom and passion
240 ~ driving with the roof open and the windows down, singing loudly with my kids
241 ~ sunglasses
242 ~ my sister-in-law's homemade cookies
243 ~ Sunday afternoon nap
244 ~ a facebook message from Ginger
245 ~ thirty-three miners unearthed, safe
246 ~ real-life happy endings
247 ~ homemade pasteles de guava for sixth grade Spanish  foods day
248 ~ four new coffee mugs - delightful - just because
249 ~ anticipating the late midnight arrival of the one without whom I'm only a half
250 ~ ear infection diagnosed and treated and relieved
251 ~ one interview, then two interviews
252 ~ lazy Fall afternoon in the park with the ones I love the most
253 ~ Sunday's sermon
254 ~ a corner of the neighborhood glowing golden
255 ~ waiting on God, somehow, miraculously, worry-free
256 ~ a hot bath with my book
257 ~ the best foot massages under the sun

Join me, and others, who look for God's sublte astounding gifts everyday, and count with us to 1,000 or beyond.

holy experience

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  1. Dawn, your recording of God's special gifts have become a gift to me! Thanks for posting - please continue.


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