700 Reasons Not To Be Jealous

by - August 11, 2010

A few weeks back, a farmer's wife with a large blog following announced that she was going to Guatemala with Compassion International to blog and hopefully gain some support for some poverty-stricken children.

I was very pleased because Guatemala holds a near and dear place in my heart. And we have a whole children's home full of children to support. We also have a much lesser known blogger and an obscure ministry that no one else has really heard of before.

And I was jealous.

Why is it the big name people with a lot of influence work with the big name ministries that already have lots of their own resources? I just wanted one tiny slice of the pie for us - our own small, but just as important, Guatemalan ministry.

Such ugly thoughts and feelings they were that I didn't want anyone to know about. So I sent off an email with my best effort to put on a good face to encourage the blogging farmer's wife in her effort to minister in Guatemala. I pushed the ugliness into the shadows of my soul and tried to forget it was there - no white glove inspections scheduled soon, so why not.

Then the phone rang and God donned his white gloves. Operation Rescue, a ministry of the 700 Club, called Pastor Cristian of Misioneros Sin Fronteras, our church's ministry arm in Guatemala, and said, "Bring a truck. We have some things for you."

The truck was borrowed and too small. Operation Rescue filled it to overflowing with food stuffs to fill the empty pantry in our children's home. They would have given more if we had had a bigger truck.

Donations have been down with the economy, and Pastor Cristian and Eugenia have been increasingly facing empty kitchen cabinets and many hungry mouths. So they have had the children pray that God would meet their needs. Only Cristian and Eugenia knew the cupboards were bare, their own children to go hungry with the rest. And the dutiful children prayed, but not for themselves. Their prayers were for their American pastors and their American church. And the needs here in America.

So God sent a truck, and a big name ministry to humble this blogger's jealous heart, but mostly to fill South American stomachs and shelves.

And the white gloves of God's inspection touched my green-eyed monster and withdrew it from the recesses. When a truckload of blessing comes unexpected, even the dark corners are needed to store those blessings. There is no room for lurking sin.

And God took the very thing I coveted and brought it to pass. Not so that I could have my heart's desire, but to aptly discipline my heart of envy with His heart of generosity. This is His heart's desire: to clean what's dirty and fill what's empty.

If you would like to partner prayerfully or financially with Missionaries without Boundaries (Misioneros Sin Fronteras) please contact Mike for more information at pastormg [at] gmail[dot]com.

Photos by Eugenia Teruel and used with permission.

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  1. how wonderful for you . . . and them! i will
    ask my husband if he is interested in
    helping, too. i'm to impulsive to be trusted
    with the checkbook. :)

    you are not the only one who struggles with
    that terrible green monster!

  2. Hi, I just came over from InCourage, and wow, what an amazing post! Thank you for being brutally honest (I've had similar thoughts regarding a ministry we support in India). It's hard sometimes to step back and just let God. What a blessing, though, for your ministry! Praying that blessings continue to flow for the children's home!

  3. This was just what I needed today!


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